Rolling Meadows Vision

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Rolling Meadows will be a collection of traditional neighbourhoods, nestled together in one master planned community. Once complete, Rolling Meadows will be home to approximately 3500 families.

A generous portion of the community will be dedicated to parks, open green space and woodlot. Two beckoning parks, complete with several playing fields, will flank the main entrance, serving as a welcoming embrace and fostering a healthy atmosphere.

A central hub, will be located in the middle of the community and be less than a 10 minute walk from all parts of the community. Envision a stroll down a main street filled with an array of activities, from engaging store fronts offering professional services, consumer amenities and many other life pleasantries. Live Work accommodations or apartments proudly sit atop of stores and offices.

More employment areas are placed on the outer band or edges of the community and provide places for many different kinds of businesses from fast food to home building supplies to office buildings. Their activities are removed from the neighbourhoods but still within walking distance while at the same time, are ideally situated along existing major highways and travel routes.

Connecting the Hub, homes, green space and employment areas all together, is an extensive people friendly trail system whisking travelers through the community.

Rolling Meadows Community Rolling Meadows pond with ducks swimming in it. Rolling Meadows pond with ducks swimming in it. Rolling Meadows pond
Rolling Meadows

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