Q & A with Rolling Meadows’ developer

Rolling Meadows pond with ducks swimming in it.

Q. What is the Neighbourhoods of Rolling Meadows?

A. It’s a brand new planned community, the size of a small town, created with greater emphasis on the quality of its residents’ lifestyle and the environment around them.

Q. Why would I want to buy a home or start and business here?

A. The master plan tells the story. It’s about living life to the fullest, where personal health and well-being are the focus — not an afterthought. With the vastness of this magnificent land base, we are able to envision and bring to life something with a traditional small town feel, but upgraded to the greater expectations of today’s home buyer.

Q. Do you think today’s families are expecting more from their communities?

A. Yes. I believe they have a heightened awareness of their impact on their surroundings, something that will be echoed for generations to come. Families today have been blessed with an abundance of beneficial modern enhancement in their lives and it’s only reasonable that the place they choose to live, strives forward as well.

Q. Why did you choose this location?

A. For this community to be successful, it had to be located very close to the traditional growth areas like St. Catharines and Niagara Falls, but at the same time had to stay true local Natural Heritage features, and not impose of the area’s high quality farmland or the natural beauty of Niagara Escarpment. Rolling Meadows located literally in the centre of what makes this area such a wonderful place to call home. The area enjoys a refreshingly rural feel, yet is so incredibly well connected. No where else in Niagara can you be to the Pen Centre in 5 minutes ... the US border in 15 minutes ... the new St. Catharines Hospital in 11 minutes. And with highway 406 and Q.E.W. close by, Toronto and Buffalo are both easily accessible.

Q. Has it been difficult to obtain permission to build what is really a small town?

A. I will tell you proudly that Rolling Meadows has always had unanimous support on every item presented to City Council. It has also been helpful that the project has been perfectly aligned with a number of very progressive Regional directives including the Growth South Strategy, Smarter Niagara Growth and most recently, the supporting Regional Growth Management Strategy.

Rolling Meadows Community Rolling Meadows pond with ducks swimming in it. Rolling Meadows pond with ducks swimming in it. Rolling Meadows pond
Rolling Meadows

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