Rolling Meadows - A Community With A Conscience

Rolling Meadows is a community with an environmental conscience. It is intentionally poised just outside of Canada’s unique tender fruit lands and the statuesque Niagara Escarpment. Purchasers can be comforted with the knowledge their homes have not displaced environmental landmarks but are built on land with limited agricultural potential.

Rolling Meadows also has an engaging and compact design allowing its residents to aspire to a healthier, more pedestrian-friendly lifestyle, with a greater emphasis on their quality of life and the environment around them. It’s a pedestrian driven design that makes nonvehicular travel a rewarding experience. Once completed, Rolling Meadows residents will have the daily choice to make trips, complete errands and possibly trek to work, without a vehicle.

When today’s new communities are designed, they must maintain a minimum of 10 % greenspace for such uses as parks, ponds, trails and open undeveloped areas. At Rolling Meadows, we have provided 30% greenscape — or triple the mandatory amount — to help foster a reconnection to environmental surroundings.

Rolling Meadows Map

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Map of Rolling Meadows.

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Map of Rolling Meadows.
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Map of Rolling Meadows.
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Rolling Meadows

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